Wednesday, May 9, 2018


My capstone teacher posted this as our final discussion board and it seems the best place to start this
The Question: As a soon-to-be graduate of the OSU Master of Entrepreneurship degree, I'd like for
you to share your backstory. What part of your past influenced you to decide to pursue
What do you hope to gain from starting your own company and what will you be risking (or giving up)
in order to pursue your dream? What does the ultimate success for you look like and how will you
know you've achieved it?
My answer:
He is a bright eyed, curious, intelligent 4 year old who has given me the courage to find my passion and
actualize a dream.
My interest in entrepreneurship began in about 2006, shortly after getting married. I fell in love with
real estate investment and money management. I attended seminars, training and made several attempts
to purchase investment properties. However, most attempts just fell short.
Fast forward, to Ezra. As I returned to work as a mom, I realized that for me to feel comfortable
working instead of being home with my infant, I needed purpose. I needed a cause and a reason to
leave that little baby in someone else care for 40 hours a week. So I took a very small step, and moved
out of my rewarding but not so fulfilling job. I chose to take a position that provided more
opportunities for fulfillment. Academic Advising.

Helping others become successful in their education! That has become my passion.
I chose to begin my Masters in Entrepreneurship at OSU to seek out an opportunity to become a
full-time business owner and/or consultant. However, I did so without any true idea of what that
business could or should be. I explored many options as I worked through the degree.
The biggest influence is watching Ezra get older. I have become more aware of the world I want my
child to live in. I want to make an impact that would positively influence him and our community.
I want him to experience the best this world has to offer. So with the support of my amazing husband,
Wes, and the exposure to Montessori and Reggio education from an amazing friend and mentor,
Dr. Sophia Sweeney, I found a business I could see for the long term that aligned with my heart.
I want the freedom that business ownership could offer and it aligns with my belief that education is
the most important thing I can give. So Two Rivers Academy was born!
We are now making strives to open for the 2018-2019 year! We are securing our location and are
launching our advertising efforts for recruitment of students and teachers at the Red Fern Festival.
The MSE program has given me the knowledge and confidence to figure out my passion and work
towards actualizing a dream.
I look forward to graduating this summer (only managerial accounting left) and launching this new

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