Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Launching a marketing campaign for the school that was well prepared and strong is a true challenge.
But one that we are excited and ready for!

Much credit is due to my husband and CIO, Wes Wheeler. He created the logo, built the foundation of the
website, helped with website analytics, printed flyers and provided much insight and help! We worked
diligently together to create a strong motto and mission statement.
We passed out about 100 flyers while we enjoying Red Fern day and launched the website! It brought
in 70 unique visitors and 6 emails by the end of Saturday! And the number and scope of visitors is
continuing to grow.

Currently, we are finalizing many projects!
  • The parent hand book and student application process as well as the teacher application process will available this week. 
  • Our lawyer will have our student/parent contracts and our teacher contracts available very soon.
  • I am working on further publicity and advertising efforts.
  • We are shopping for classroom equipment and curriculum. 

There is much more to do, but we are making progress towards our goal of opening this year!

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